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Three Places To Attach A Small Gun Safe's Anchor Cable

As a responsible firearm owner, you know that your gun safe is integral to keeping your guns secure. It's difficult for a burglar or home invader to break into a safe, but he or she always has the option of physically removing the safe and its contents. This is nearly impossible with a large gun safe, but if you have a small gun safe that holds a handgun or two, a thief could walk out of your home with this safe in his or her possession. Fortunately, there are many ways to secure a small gun safe, including with a specialized anchor cable. One end of the cable attaches to the gun safe, while you can mount the other end to a secure location. Here are some options.

Wall Stud

A good place to secure the end of your gun safe's anchor cable is to one of the wall studs in your home. The durable nature of the wooden stud means that the intruder won't be able to break through the stud to rip the anchor cable free — at least, not within a reasonable amount of time. Be sure to use a long, heavy screw, which will help hold the anchor cable secure. You'll also want to choose a screw with a tamper-proof head so that the intruder cannot easily unscrew it.


If you're having a home built or are building an addition to your home, consider where you might wish to place a small gun safe. Before construction takes place, have plans to situate a metal loop into the concrete immediately after it the concrete is poured. Once the concrete dries and you begin to set up the space, you can attach the anchor cable to this loop — thereby ensuring that no one will be able to remove the gun safe. You'll obviously want to mount this loop in a suitable location. For example, you could place it against the base of your garage wall, rather than in the center of the garage.

Vehicle Seat Frame

A small gun safe isn't just ideal to keep in your home. You may also want to install one in your vehicle, depending on the laws in your state. If so, you'll definitely want to use an anchor cable to further secure the safe in the event of a vehicle break-in. A good option is to attach the cable to the metal frame beneath your seat. This location makes sense as you'll conventionally want the gun safe near the driver's seat, and the durable nature of the frame means that no one will be able to rip the safe free.

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