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Teens And Preteens With House Keys: Ditch The Metal And Go Digital For Safety

If you have teens and preteens that are now coming in and out of the house at different times throughout the day, and you worry about security and safety, you will want to talk with a residential locksmith about your property. There are a lot of changes that you can make that not only improve the safety around your home but also make things easier at the same time.

Having keys and locking doors with keys can be a pain. Talk with the locksmith about changing these things with the exterior doors around your home.

Keypad Deadbolt Locks

A deadbolt is one of the best locking options for your exterior residential doors. Talk with the locksmith about getting keypad-controlled deadbolt locks for your main doors in and out of the garage and even for the main doors to the home.

This means that your teens only have to remember to punch in the code for the doors, and then the deadbolt turns and they can get into the home. These keypads can have the codes changed easily when needed for security reasons, and you will no longer be worried about lost or broken keys.

Phone Garage Opening Options

Carrying a garage door opener is a thing of the past, and it can be annoying if your teen misplaces the unit and you have to replace the opener for your system. Instead, you can get an opening system that the teen can control from their phone, so they are able to open the garage door while they are approaching it. This can be one of the fastest and easiest ways for them to open the garage quickly.

Automatic Sliding Door Locks

If you have sliding doors in the house that you use to let pets out into the backyard, or just when going in and out of the home, you may want these doors to have automatic locks. This way your teen doesn't stop home and head out to an activity and accidentally leave the back door wide open. Talk with the locksmith about options will be best, so it's easy for them to get back in if they go out the door as well. These doors are easy to use a keypad or code lock with as well.

If you worry that your teen will lose the house keys or that the keys will get stolen, update the locks on the doors in your home. This is good to do regularly for safety reasons anyway, but this can help prevent you from having a locked out teen as well.

For more information about residential locks, contact a company like First Quality Lock & Key.

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