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Installing New Locks On Your Doors? Why You Should Choose A Keypad Lock

If you are planning to install new locks on the doors in your home, you have many options to choose from. One of these options is a keypad lock. Below are some benefits of choosing this type so you can hire a locksmith to install your new locks for you

Use No Key

One of the main benefits of a keypad lock is that you will not have to worry about using a key to enter your home. This is especially beneficial for those people that are always losing their keys. Instead, you will enter a code into a keypad and the door will open for you. You can share this code with anyone else that enters your home so they will not have to worry about keeping up with their keys also.

Using no key also makes it easier if you have a lot of bags in your hand. This is because it is much easier to enter a code into a keypad than to fish in your purse or pocket for your keys. 

Increase Security

Another big benefit of a keypad lock is that it is more secure when compared to a standard lock. This is because no one can enter your home unless they have the security code that you set. You don't have to worry about someone stealing your key to gain access to your home. 

You can change the security code at times. This is especially beneficial if you have children that may give out your code to someone on accident. Just make sure your family keeps up with the new code every time you change it. This code is generally not a lot of numbers to remember, so people should never write it down anywhere to keep in their purse or wallet.  This is also much easier than physically changing locks for your home. 

Provide Safety for Children

If you have children that are old enough to stay home alone, they can always gain entry into your home with the proper code. Kids can easily lose things, and the last thing you want to have happen is for them to be stuck outside until you get home to open the door. 

It is also safe for children as once your child enters in the code to open the door, as the door will then automatically lock when it closes. This is especially beneficial, as many children may forget to lock the door on their own when they come into your home.

A locksmith can give you much more information about keypad locks to help you decide if you would like this for your home.

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