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Tips And Tricks To Help You When You Lose Or Home Or Vehicle Key

Having access to your vehicle and your home through a key lock allows you to keep your possessions safe while giving you the convenient access you need. Whether your home and vehicle are set up on a keyless or electronic lock, it is important you can always rely on their protection. But often emergency situations arise that prevent you from gaining access to your home or vehicle. Here are some recommendations to help you deal with common situations with your home and vehicle locks.

Keep an Extra Key 

Key are necessary to secure your belongings, but when your key gets lost from your key ring or is locked within your vehicle or home, you need to be able to gain access. One of the best ways for you to do this is to store or keep an extra key to have it available when you need it most. You can keep an extra key with your partner or spouse, on another key ring, or with a neighbor or trusted friend.

You can also hide a key in a secret spot on your property so you can get to it when you need it. For example, you can buy a faux rock that doubles as a key hiding place to store an extra key. Or you can keep an extra key hidden in a compartment under the fender of your vehicle.

Just be sure your hidden key is available to you so you can access it if you need it. So, for example, if your friend has the extra key, be sure you can retrieve it from them easily when you need it.

Arrange for a Locksmith

Another great option to help you get into your locked vehicle or home is to hire a professional locksmith. A locksmith service is available day or night to help you get into your vehicle or home without breaking out the windows or ruining your window screens. Contact a local locksmith and they will come to you with their mobile service so you can get the issue remedied and get on with your day. 

If you need an emergency locksmith service on the weekend or after hours, you can usually find a quick service to help you out for the right service fee. Also, let them know if you need a duplicate key made, as some can provide this service along with their mobile assistance. Then, you can have access to a second key you can secure in a safe location.

Use and follow these recommendations for when your key gets misplaced, then keep your vehicle and home locks maintained with a container of graphite powder to loosen and protect the internal lock mechanisms. Spray the graphite into your lock and onto the key to keep the interior pins working well.

For more information, get in touch with companies like All Around Locksmiths.

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