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Why Hire A Locksmith After Purchasing A Home

Is your closing date on your home approaching soon? If so, one of the first things you'll want to do is hire a locksmith. There are several services that they can do all at once as soon as you get the keys to the home, which will improve your home's security.

Rekeying The Locks

If you only use a locksmith for one thing, you'll want to use their services to rekey all the locks in your new home. There is no need to go out to a home improvement store and purchase new lock sets when a locksmith is capable of rekeying all of the tumblers. 

One of the benefits of using a locksmith to rekey the locks is that you'll know for sure that there are no spare keys out there that other people have. You can also use this opportunity to make sure that all of the locks use the exact same key, which will reduce your key ring's size significantly.

Adding Deadbolts

Did some of the exterior locks in the home just have a simple handle-style lock? This is not a good way to secure a main door. Thankfully, a locksmith is also capable of installing deadbolts on doors. Not only do they have the tools to easily do this job for you, but they also know more about how to install a deadbolt properly for maximum security. A locksmith can even give you information about the different grades of deadbolts and let you know which ones are more secure for your home.

Installing A Safe

Do you have a safe that you are bringing from your old home? You'll likely want to secure it in your new home so that it cannot be removed. This is a job that a locksmith is capable of doing, which will involve securing the safe to studs in a wall or even to the floor of your basement. 

Installing A Security System

Locksmiths deal with all things related to security, so it makes sense that they are capable of installing a home security system. The job is not only about getting the system up and running but about informing you of what equipment you need to make your home secure. You'll want to make sure you have the proper amount of motion sensors to cover all points of entry to your home in case someone breaks in.

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