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Things To Not Do During An Emergency Vehicle Lockout

It doesn't happen every day, but when an emergency vehicle lockout does happen, panic can set in. If you want to make this situation a non-issue and move on swiftly, do your best to avoid these mistakes.

Breaking the Window

In times of an emergency, your first inclination to get back into your vehicle when locked out of it may be to smash the window. That's not the best option. Not only will you have to pay for a window replacement, but you could shatter glass and it could end up cutting some part of your body.

Instead of breaking the window, hire an auto locksmith that offers emergency services. They will get your vehicle opened up without breaking the window. Usually, this can be done with an inflatable device that opens up a section of the window. Then they can use a device to press on the locking controls inside. 

Prying Door Open

Another tactic that a lot of vehicle owners try to do when locked out of their ride is prying the door open. This may seem like a good idea, especially if there is a gap big enough to insert a tool. However, this often causes a lot of damage to the door and locking components.

You don't want to pry any door open. Instead, let an emergency locksmith take care of the problem in a gentle, yet effective manner. Your doors and their mechanisms won't be negatively affected. 

Calling 911 

If the auto lockout situation isn't truly a life-threatening emergency, then you want to avoid calling 911. You don't want to hold up the lines for someone that truly is going through a life-threatening emergency. Instead, the best professional you can call in these non-lethal situations is an auto locksmith with emergency services. They will come out to your vehicle in a quick fashion to save you from being stranded or stuck without a ride for long. They'll also know how to help you more effectively than the police would in this lockout situation. 

You may end up getting locked out of your vehicle, but that doesn't mean you have to make things worse for yourself by making a mistake. Instead, you can have a thought-out plan in place that involves hiring an emergency locksmith. Their resources will pay off in a major way regardless of what you're going through. Contact a locksmith service for more information.

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