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Why You Need a Residential Locksmith

The job description of a locksmith covers anything to do with locks, safes, and keys. A locksmith's services are crucial in securing your home from vandals. Here is a look at some basic reasons you may have to call up a residential locksmith.

Key Replacement and Duplication

While a door key can be used hundreds of times in a year, over time, it gets worn out. When it reaches the point where it is no longer unusable, you need to replace it. Replacing the keys to your locks helps prevent problems like a key breaking off into the lock.

A residential locksmith can duplicate your key onsite by coming to your home. However, you can still carry the key to the locksmith's hardware and have it replaced. Apart from replacing the key, your locksmith can duplicate the key to ensure you have a spare in case you misplace the original key. Having several spare keys is also convenient if you have a large family or if there is someone else living in your apartment.

Misaligned Door Locks

A misaligned door lock means the key parts of the door's locking mechanism are not properly lined up. This particularly means the locking bolt or latch is not lined up with the door's strike plate. The strike plate is fixed inside the door and facilitates the extension of the latch.

Door locks are misaligned if they are not properly installed. They may also fall out of alignment when door frames are warping because of climate changes. Doors with a misaligned lock do not close or open properly, which poses a security threat. If left unattended, this problem could damage the door lock bolt. This is because you have to exert a lot of pressure when closing or opening the door. Call a residential locksmith service to resolve misaligned door locks.

Peephole Installation

One of the dangers of opening your door in response to every doorbell is you never know who you are opening the door to. The exception is if you have security camera footage in your compound. However, if you cannot afford CCTV installations, an affordable and reliable option is peephole installation.

A peephole is an added layer of security in your home. This means before you undo the latches to your door, you will know who is behind the door. Some peephole options include ultra-vision, miniscopes, wide scopes, and high-tech door viewers. Your locksmith will advise you on the best installation based on your budget and specific needs.

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