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Why You Shouldn't Break Into Your Own Home When You Are Locked Out

Everyone has been in a situation where they forget their keys at work or have lost them entirely and now can't get back into their home. It can be very annoying knowing that you are so close to warmth and comfort and yet so far, which is why a lot of people take the rather drastic step of breaking into their own home. While this might not seem that crazy an idea -- after all, it is your property -- the consequences are a little bit more serious than what they might first appear to be if you decide to go ahead with this plan.

It Will Most Likely Be More Costly Than An Emergency Locksmith

One of the main reasons why people are trying to avoid having to call for an emergency lockout expert to come and help them back into their home is due to the price. While it may cost a couple of hundred bucks to get your door back open and locks fixed (although sometimes it isn't even close to that amount), the price of breaking into your own home can be much worse. If anyone sees you doing it or you trigger an alarm, the police might be called. In addition, breaking a window is generally more costly than replacing a lock, as they are more custom-fitted and harder to properly clean out and fix.


It might sound like a fairly simple idea, to break into your own home, but at the end of the day that can involve some impressive gymnastic ability if you want to actually do it. From lifting your own bodyweight to sliding through small gaps and so on and so forth, breaking and entering is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you are trying to do so without making too much of a mess. There is quite a serious chance that you will slip, fall or cut yourself on a number of different obstacles, all of which could involve a trip to the emergency room and a hefty medical bill.

Emergency Lockout Experts Are Quick

Sometimes the reason behind a person breaking in is that they are in a massive rush and don't have time for any delays. While that might seem like it makes sense on a surface level, that is because you don't realize just how quick an emergency lockout expert can be. These locksmiths base a large part of their services around speed, so they are virtually always ready to go at a moment's notice. If you need help, you might be surprised at how quickly they show up.

If you find yourself in such a situation, contact an emergency lockout specialist near you.

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